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2011.09.29 Thursday

Birdrock, OB,& Greatfuldead

Today we went to the surfpoint called Birdrock.

It was high tide when we got out.
Though we had so much fun riding this point break wave. And only 3 of us were out there!!! Can U believe it☆彡

This is why the point called Birdrock.
U see the birds on the rock?

There is shower provided by this house owner for surfers.

It's so great!!!

We checked windandsea

and checked Termarine.

Then went to Kelsey's studio.

I like his stuff!!!

and his place too!!!

I gave him a dollar bills with some written words that C found on the beach of Malibu. I thought it meant to be delivered to him, but as Kelsey read the sentence, he didn't like it coz it's disturbing.

We went to Kensinton cafe picking up Iggy the dog.

I love this time of the day!!!
You just have done what you got to do, and the rest is for relax☆彡

I've been obsessed with burgers in this trip, so I told about it to Kelsey.
And he took us to Hodads in Ocean Beach.

The Famous hostel in OB.

I ordered Single beacon burger with fries. It's so good for .50!!!
I loved the fries & onion rings!!!
I bet the volume was the biggest of all(^O^)/

I've been rolling tabaco since NY. Coz the thing was so expensive there like .50 a pack! But it's only .50 in California(^O^)/
It's good!!!
We got stuffed and can't talk on the way back. The music came out of the radio was Greatfuldead. It healed us all so good!!!

I'm going back to LA tomorrow & doing STRANGE at company called 72 & Sunny!!! Then at TGS : Tortoise General Store on SAT. 1pm to 6 pm.

Please swing by☆彡
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